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The Sentiero degli Dei route follows an ancient Roman road, which easily crosses the Apennines range, with a year round snow free itinerary which offers many relaxing rural landscapes, endless forests, isolated mountains, beautiful historical buildings and many typical mountain villages. One travels back in time whilst walking over the Roman paving through vast woods, far away from everything, surrounded by the same landscapes that Roman troops used to see more than one thousand years ago and the thousands of pilgrims and travellers which also used to follow the shortest and most direct way to reach Florence from Bologna.

Il Sentiero degli Dei. From Bologna to Firenze - Paolo Cervigni

  • Categoria: Guide e mappe escursionistiche

    Editore: Outdoor Editions

    ISBN: 9788890578596

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 96

    Formato: Brossura ad anelle, 12,7 cm x 21,2 cm

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