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In this unique art book and epic collaboration, long-term friends, photographer Rankin and artist Damien Hirst, leverage their respective creative mediums and shared dark wit. Inspired by their conversations around myths, monsters and legends, they decided to extend their exploration of the subject by creating something tangible. When Rankin met one of Hirst's favourite subjects, the pair gained a third collaborator in model, Dani Smith.

Originating from Damien's fascination with the ancient world, and with Rankin keen to push himself creatively beyond the constraints of the expected fashion and beauty photography, the trio worked together to create menacing beasts and ethereal creatures from other times. This is an exploration of imagined narratives and the monsters of the ancient world, viewed through a modern lens. It will appeal to people who have an eye for high art and an appreciation of the surreal. This publication accompanies an exhibition of the same name, showing in London and Los Angeles in Autumn 2011.

Myths, Monsters and Legends - Rankin & Damien Hirst

  • Categoria: Arte

    ISBN: 9780956779465

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 72


    Formato: Copertina rigida, 29,7 cm x 43,7 cm

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