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Josep Maria Rodriguez


Sweetology is the anthology of pastrymaking. From Josep Maria Rodríguez’s La Pastisseria. The world champion in this gastronomic discipline has brought together his philosophy and his very personal creative style in his first book, published by Montagud Editores. The book, published as a Spanish-English bilingual edition, captures the guiding principles that define the brand created and developed by this Barcelona pastry chef in the two shops he runs in the Catalan capital. Pastries, either individual or in a glass, and adaptations of classic creations, cakes and shortbreads, comprise the corpus of this book, which transcends the idea of a simple collection of recipes. Because Sweetology features a discourse and reasoning that goes beyond the practical. 

The book is structured so as to allow readers to enter into the creative universe of Josep Maria Rodríguez, and to become initiated into pastrymaking through the development of the techniques, formulas and processes that are the base of the profession. The release of Sweetology is driven by the talent of a professional who has been chosen to lead the long-awaited revolution in Spanish pastrymaking with a view to its international projection, reinforced by the strength of a gastronomy that is represented by cutting-edge chefs. And as a tribute to and display of the potential pastrymaking has in sweet cuisine, Josep Rodríguez's first book interprets the culinary ideologies of Eneko Atxa (Azurmendi), David Muñoz (Diverxo), Paco Pérez (Miramar), Francis Paniego (El Portal del Echaurren), Ángel León (Aponiente), Josean Alija (Nerua), Albert Adrià (Tickets) and Jordi Roca (El Celler de Can Roca). It is a mutually praiseworthy series in which this pastry chef has designed a pastry composition inspired in each respective chef. A unique collection of 8 pastries with a flavour and presentation that are the result of 8 very personal ways of interpreting the ultra-contemporary through pastry.

Sweetology | Spanish pastry

€69.50 Regular Price
€ 59,08Sale Price
  • Categoria: Pasticceria professionale

    Editore: Montagud

    ISBN: 9788472121522

    Lingua: Spagnolo/Inglese

    Pp: 256

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 32,5 cm x 24,5 cm

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