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An array of over 100 classic games, made with premium quality materials, all inside a stunning gold-foil gift box. Enjoy playing with your family and friends. A week-end trip or a week-day routine, this game set has multiple games to engage and entertain all players. 5 double-sided printed games boards: Snake & Ladders, Checkers, Backgammon, Ludo, Solitaire, Chess, Nine-men Morris, Racing game, Goose game, Chinese checkers and more. Comes with 5 rolling dice, 30 checkers/backgammon pieces, 32 chess pieces, 15 matches, 60 ludo pawns and instructions.

100 Games

16,00 € Precio
€ 13,60Precio de oferta
  • Categoria: Puzzles/Modellini

    ISBN: 4897049301702

    Formato: Scatola, 27,3 cm x 27,3 cm

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