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A new magisterial exercise of artistic chocolate by specialist Stéphane Leroux. Bleu Chocolat once again amazes the sector with a display of techniques with spectacular results. Two large volumes collect the work done by the master chocolatier, captured masterfully by the lens of the photographer Tom Swalens.

The first volume offers finished chocolate creations emulating different aspects of nature with unprecedented realism.

In the second volume, the book adopts a more technical role and tackles with detailed step-by-step instructions the keys to achieving each of the sensational results. In fact, in the first instance the appearance of these pieces is so realistic that they seem made from other materials such as marble, concrete, ceramic, or cardboard.

Bleu Chocolat is the author's personal approach to nature, and he does it with the material he knows best, chocolate. The book is a perfect springboard for evolving and innovating in the domain of artistic chocolate

Bleu Chocolat - Stephane Leroux

160,00 € Precio
€ 136,00Precio de oferta
  • Categoria: Pasticceria professionale

    Editore: BAI

    Lingua: Inglese

    ISBN: 9789085867319

    Pp: 520

    Formato: Copertina rigida (Cofanetto contenente 2 volumi), 26 cm x 33,2 cm

    Peso: 4,5 kg

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