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From first thing in the morning to desserts at night, the day moves to the rhythm of Yann Couvreur's favorite recipes. Viennoiseries, kouglof and scones; éclairs, tartlets with figs, not to mention their plate desserts, leaks (strudel with buckwheat and vanilla from Madagascar, green apple vacherin and shiso ...), every moment of the day invites you to succumb to gluttony. Here, in his first book, he includes those desserts and many others, arranged by the time of day that the chef imagines would be more attractive.

La Patisserie - Yann Couvreur

39,00 €Precio
  • Categoria: Pasticceria professionale

    Editore: Grupo Vilbo

    ISBN: 9782263152375

    Lingua: Francese

    Pp: 224

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 

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