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Stylish Skirts allows you to create simple yet stylish skirts that look and feel great—at a fraction of the cost of store-bought fashion. With this sewing book, there's no end to the kinds of skirts you can create to match your body shape, your taste in fabrics and colors, and your mood (not to mention your favorite tops, shoes and accessories)!

The instructions and diagrams are a snap to follow and provide a huge variety of styles—from ultra-feminine to artfully disheveled. All 23 skirt designs in this book look great in different fabrics, colors, prints and textures, so the options are truly endless. The enclosed DIY sewing instructions make cutting and sewing these skirts a breeze.

Stylish Skirts - Sato Watanabe

  • Categoria: Cucito

    Editore: Tuttle

    ISBN: 9784805313077

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 96

    Formato: Brossura, 20,3 cm x 25,3 cm

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