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Ricard Camarena has written "Broths, the Code of Flavour", one of the most eagerly awaited books on the gastronomic scene, explains how Ricard camarena has come transform the very foundations of of cooking itself. All the types of broths the cook uses to prepare his dishes are also examined; their key points are detailed and practical explanation is given via some of this Valencian chef's most iconic recipes. 


Ricard Camarena 

2 Michelin stars.

The empire of flavour is in Valencia 

Ricard Camarena Restaurant 

Canalla Bistro 

Central Bar 



The broths of Ricard Camarena 

The broths of Ricard Camarena 

Searching for clean flavours 

The logic behind defatting

With this dish, it all began 

Snail risotto without the snails 

Ripe mango, cold curry, herbs and seeds 

Roasted carrots, cream of salmon roe and coconut-cumin 


How to enhance a broth 

How to enhance a broth 

The flavour enhancers of a broth 

Fat as a flavour enhancer 

Aromatised fats 

Pesto as a flavour enhancer 

Purée as a flavour enhancer 

Wine, vinegar and juice as a flavour enhancers 

Wine as a flavour enhancer 

Salt and colatura di alici as a flavour enhancers 

Condiments as a flavour enhancer 

Index of recipes “flavour enhancers” 


Types of broths 

Macerated broths 

Practical application of a macerated broth 

Index of recipes “macerated broth”

Clarified broths 

Clarification enhances flavour 

Index of recipes “clarified broths” 

Before and after 

Unclarified broths 

The importance of the process in unclarified broths 

Index of recipes “unclarified broths” 

Thickened broths or ‘veloutés’ 

Reinvented velouté Index of recipes “veloutés” 


Caldos | Ricard Camarena

60,00 €Prix
  • Categoria: Cucina professionale

    Editore: Montagud

    ISBN: 9788472121577

    Lingua: Spagnolo/Inglese

    Pp: 272

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 24,5 cm x 32,8 cm

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