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Since opening in Sydney in 2002 Gelato Messina has set the benchmark for gelato in Australia. Their aim is simple: to create the best ice cream, using only the freshest ingredients, and to make everything from scratch. Gelato Messina take their gelato seriously, and the results can be seen in the fabulous and crazy creations that are displayed in their shop windows every day, particularly their famous ice-cream cakes.
Gelato Messina: The Creative Department provides detailed instructions for creating Gelato Messina's most famous and elaborate gelato cakes―from Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom to Gelato Messina's very own take on the classic hamburger: The Royale with Cheese, made from chocolate gelati with passionfruit mustard, raspberry ketchup, white chocolate cheese, all served in a brioche bun. There is a whole chapter dedicated to weird and wonderful soft-serves and recipes for how to make your very own gelati monoportions―yes, it's fun to share, but it's even more fun to have a whole cake to yourself!

Gelato Messina. The Creative Department | Ice cream

39,50 €Prix
  • Categoria: Pasticceria professionale

    Editore: Hardie Grant Books

    ISBN: 9781743790076

    Lingua: Inglese 

    Pp: 352

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 29,1 cm x 22,6 cm

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