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In this invaluable book acclaimed plantswoman and bestselling author Carol Klein explains how to get the most from your garden by taking inspiration from what works in the wild - be it in a meadow, woodland, hedgerow, seaside or exposed setting. Carol encourages you to identify the conditions in your outdoor space - for example, the shady corner of an urban garden mimics the conditions of woodland or a windswept roof terrace will replicate an exposed hillside - and to pick the plants that flourish in these conditions.

In each of the six chapters there are case study gardens that Carol admires for the way their owners have worked with the natural habitat to glorious effect and each chapter ends with a directory of about 30 of Carol's favourite plants for that habitat. As ever, Carol's text is wise, informative and beautifully written while photography by award-winning Jonathan Buckley ensures that the book is also a visual treat.

Making a Garden - Carol Klein

44,50 € Prix original
€ 37,83Prix promotionnel
  • Categoria: Progettazione giardini

    Editore: Mitchell Beazley

    ISBN: 9781845337971

    Lingua: Italiano

    Pp: 288

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 20,8 cm x 26 cm

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