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Rarely seen in vintage wear, an area called "super vintage" that goes even higher by saying "I can't believe it remains".
The eyes of the discerning vintage fan are nailed, it's a once-in-a-lifetime super-closing that surprises professionals who go out to buy vintage products day and night.
These are gems that have never been published in the media such as magazines. I would like to listen to the message thrown by the super vintage of the heavyweight line that makes you feel the awesomeness that is timeless.

Mono Vintage Clothing N.12

19,50 € Prix original
€ 16,58Prix promotionnel
  • Categoria: Moda

    Editore: World Photo Press Japan

    ISBN: 9784846529734

    Lingua: Giapponese/Inglese

    Pp: 128

    Formato: Brossura, 21 cm x 28,4 cm

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