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Wolfgang Oehme is one of the most important garden designers of the last 30 years. In partnership with James Van Sweden, who contributes an essay to this book, he ushered in the revolutionary garden style known as the New American Garden. Eschewing previous conventions such as vast lawns, clipped shrubs, and dreary beds of annuals, the New American garden embodies the simple beauty and grandeur of the prairie, defining itself with large sweeps of herbaceous perennials and grasses. The feeling of sheer beauty and calmness that pervades Oehme's gardens is a reminder of our connection to nature. "Ornamental Grasses" chronicles Oehme's professional journey, from his childhood in war-torn Germany to his immense success in the United States, all the while exploring his remarkable career, both solo and in partnership with Van Sweden. Over 200 gorgeous photographs depict dreamlike gardens, "Wolfi" plants, people, and much more.

Ornamental Grasses - Stefan Leppert

20,00 € Prix original
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  • Categoria:  Giardinaggio, manualistica tecnica

    Editore: Frances Lincoln Limited Publishers

    ISBN: 9780711227507

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 144

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 23,6 cm x 25,5 cm

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