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A collection of more than 200 attractive decorations for graphic designs

Decorative ruffled borders, unique frames, and background patterns create extra visual impact for an audience. By adding borders and other designs, graphic designers can enhance the attractiveness of advertisements.

This book showcases over 200 useful decoration ideas to use in graphic designs. The ideas are categorized by style: Stylish, Elegant, Japanese Art, Pop, Natural, Girly, and Logo.This varied selection of design ideas can be used to create any advertising and marketing material, including flyers, posters, labels, and packages.

Decoration Graphics

  • Categoria: Grafica

    Editore: Pie

    ISBN: 9784756249784

    Lingua: Inglese/Giapponese

    Pp: 224

    Formato: Brossura, 19,1 cm x 25,5 cm

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