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Deliveries are made via express courier in 2/4 working days for Italy and 4/6 working days for abroad, except for some destinations very far from Europe (e.g. Australia).

When ordering, a shipping address, telephone number and email address of the recipient must always be indicated.

How long regards Italy, the shipment is normally delivered to the specified address; if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the shipment is delivered to the SDA collection point closest to the specific addressated, in order to avoid the shipment not being delivered because the recipient of the order is not at home when the courier arrives. The products delivered to the SDA collection point are recoverable independently by the recipient. For each shipment, we will inform the recipient which SDA collection point is closest to the address indicated.

As regards abroad, the shipment is delivered to the address indicated; if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery for any reason, 2 further delivery attempts will be made. If, after the third attempt, the shipment has still not been delivered, it will be returned to the sender and you will need to pay shipping costs again in order to receive it. There are no collection points for foreign shipments, unless Libreria Ulisse communicates it in emergency cases.

All shipments have a tracking code with which you can follow their progress and, if necessary, report problems.

If the recipient resides in a disadvantaged postal code or in an island or border territory in the EUropa (e.g. Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Tremiti Islands, Cyclades, Azores, Canary Islands) is required to specify this to the Libreria Ulisse staff before placing the order, in order to obtain an accurate calculation of shipping costs.

For a list of disadvantaged postcodescopy and paste the following link:

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