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SPorts Illustrated's Hot Shots is an action-packed collection of the best pictures by the world's best sports photographers. In an era of interchangeable 10-second video highlights, SI's editors have looked at hundred of thousand of frames, and culled from them to find the eye-popping images that have the enduring quality and sustained impact only a great photograph can deliver. These jaw-dropping photos, diving catches, bone jarring tackles, fiery crashes, death defying leaps, put you in the middle of the action. Hot Shots also includes the words and pictures with which SI writers and photographers captured some of the most memorable moments in recent sports history, including Lance Armostrong's Drive for Five, Barry Bonds's 73rd home run and Pete Sampras' last hurrah at the U:S: Open.

Hot Shots. 21st Century Sports Photography

  • Categoria: Sport

    Editore: Sports Illustrated

    ISBN: 9781932273182

    Lingua: Inglese

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 23,7 cm x 31 cm

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