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Ideas for tool sheds, studios, gazebos, and many other structures.

Detailed, real-life case studies, plus advice and practical solutions.

Explores advantages of kits, plans, and custom-built structures.

Projects feature buildings in a variety of types, prices, and functions.

Includes construction hints, design tips, and in-depth idea files.

Practical how-to plus plenty of inspiring photos to ensure success.

Sheds & Gazebos | Garden solutions

25,90 €Price
  • Categoria: Progettazione giardini

    Editore: Meredith Books

    ISBN: 9780696221385

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 176

    Formato: Brossura, 20,2 cm x 27,5 cm

    Peso: 1,060 kg

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