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This eighth edition includes updated treatment of postcolonial approaches and indigenous archaeology, with coverage of the ontological turn in archaeology, and new examples of community archaeology in southern Africa and Australia.

Also new to this edition:

• New discoveries and research across the globe, such as archaeological evidence of social hierarchies at the ancient city of Liangzhu, China, and recent evidence of Neanderthal art in France and Spain.

• A more inclusive picture of archaeology, raising the profile of women in the discipline’s history, and describing the development of archaeology in China and Japan.

• In Chapter Five, updated treatment of social organization, with critical evaluations of Service’s model, and new coverage of heterarchies.

• New box features include: forensic archaeology; change in the Amazon; ancient microbes; paleoproteomics; Must Farm; evidence of feasting at Stonehenge; Neanderthal art; and ceramic styles and learning.

• New book design, including, for each chapter, distinct introductions that offer a general overview of each topic covered.

Archaeology - Colin Renfrew Paul Bahn

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  • Categoria: Archeologia

    Editore: Thames & Hudson

    ISBN: 9780500294246

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 672

    Formato: Brossura, 18,7 cm x 22,9 cm

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