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A fresh look at the concept of elegance and Parisian style, personified by the iconic fashion of Roger Vivier.
For decades, Roger Vivier has created visionary shoes and bags that, over time, have become icons of fashion. This book tells the story of this achievement and offers a fresh take on the designer’s legendary accessories, as seen through the eyes of young enterprising fashion bloggers and tastemakers including Charlotte Groeneveld (The Fashion Guitar website), Chriselle Lim (The Chriselle Factor website), Eleonora Carisi (Joujou Villeroy website), and Tamu McPherson (All the Pretty Birds website). For the first time, objects of this legendary luxury brand will be interpreted directly by those who wear them, people who live their lives inside the Vivier brand.

#LoveVivier | Parisian Style

118,00 €Prix
  • Categoria: Moda

    Editore: Rizzoli

    ISBN: 9788891815927

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 248

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 28,6 cm x 36,3 cm

    Peso: 2,584 kg

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