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Musa Dagdeviren


The definitive cookbook of hearty, healthy Turkish cuisine, from the leading authority on Turkey's unique food traditions, Musa Dagdeviren, as featured in the Netflix docuseries Chef's Table

Vibrant, bold, and aromatic, Turkish food – from grilled meats, salads, and gloriously sweet pastries to home-cooking family staples such as dips, pilafs, and stews – is beloved around the world. This is the first book to so thoroughly showcase the diversity of Turkish food, with 550 recipes for the home cook that celebrate Turkey's remarkable European and Asian culinary heritage – from little-known regional dishes to those that are globally recognized and stand the test of time, be they lamb kofte, chicken kebabs, tahini halva, or pistachio baklava.

The Turkish Cookbook | Turkish cuisine

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  • Categoria: Cucina etnica

    Editore: Phaidon

    ISBN: 9780714878157

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 512

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 18,8 cm x 27,5 cm