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André Dominé


The World of Spirits and Cocktails is not simply a reference book and collection of recipes, but also a travel guide through the international world of spirits and drinks. In an initial overview the reader learns about the history of the various types of alcoholic drinks and more about the bar itself. Since when have bars existed, how are they equipped and what is the art of mixing cocktails? A peep into the world’s most famous bars is, of course, essential. After this, the most important types of spirits are individually presented – from whiskey & bourbon to rum, chachaca & tequila and liqueurs. The historical background of each drink is explained as is the production process and the correct method of tasting. Information on the most important producers and brands present a survey of the international market and provide useful tips on buying spirits. An extensive recipe section at the end includes more than 150 classic and lesser known mixed drinks, each drink with recipe and color photo. A delight for both professional and hobby bartenders.

The World of Spirits and Cocktails | Drinks

€ 32,00Prezzo
  • Categoria: Cocktails & Super alcolici

    Editore: Ullmann

    ISBN: 9780034568240

    Lingua: Inglese

    Pp: 816

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 19,1 cm x 27 cm

    Peso: 2,605 kg

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