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In the plain of the Ganges in southern Nepal, Eric Valli has discovered the existence of a fascinating nomadic tribe. Known as the "bee people", the Rajis survive by harvesting wild honey and by fishing; a way of life that seems to have remained unchanged for centuries. In a forest overwhelmed by the humming of the bees, they collect wild honey from immense hives perched high in gigantic trees. The honey is a source of food, but is also used to treat wounds, and is a valuable commodity. Eric Valli has followed this wandering tribe which lives surrounded by the perils of nature, seeking protection from the gods of the trees, rocks and rivers. Through photographs and the author's commentary, the simple lives of the honey hunters, now threatened by the destruction of their environment, is brought to life.

Hunting for honey. Adventures with the Rajis of Nepal - Eric Valli

  • Categoria: Letteratura di viaggio

    Editore: Thames & Hudson

    ISBN: 9780500019108

    Lingua: Inglese

    Formato: Copertina rigida, 25,9 cm x 33,5 cm


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